The integration into ManoMano requires manual import of data to create the stock item linking between Linnworks and ManoMano items.

Before starting this guide

You must have configured your channel into Linnworks with the Optiseller application
You can read the Linnworks documentation here

You'll need the following

Your ManoMano product CSV
The name you have given your ManoMano channel in Linnworks

You can get both these from Settings > Channel Integration and click on Edit for the ManoMano channel you want to link.

Stock Linking Guide Video


  • Go to Settings > Import Data

  • Click Import Now

  • Name - 'ManoMano Stock Linking'

  • Type - 'Stock Item Linking'

  • Click Next

  • Click Choose Template and select your ManoMano product CSV

  • Map SKU -> SKU (This should be automatic)

  • Create a default value mapped to 'Source' and populate 'MANOMANODIT' as the value

  • Create a default value mapped to 'SubSource' and populate the name given to the channel you created.

  • Create an expression mapped to 'Linked SKU Custom Label' and provide the expression 'v{sku}'.

  • Leave all other fields blank

Here is an example.  Please note the Subsource will need to be specific to your channel name.

  • Click Run Now.

New Stock Items

If you add new stock items you can re-import a new version of the product CSV using the configuration you've just created by clicking the 'Reimport' button on the Settings > Import Data page.  You'll need to provide the CSV and the column configuration will be loaded automatically for you.

Multi Countries

If you have different accounts in ManoMano for specific regions you'll need to do this process for each seperate channel you've created in Linnworks.

Manual Edits

If you wish to edit a specific stock item to have a new stock link or edit a specific stock item to include a stock link without importing the entire file you can simply

  • Go to Inventory > My Inventory

  • Click on the SKU you want to edit

  • Click on the Channel SKU tab

You can either add new links or delete existing links within this screen.

Common Issues

  • Having duplicate SKUs in Linnworks and in your import file can cause the import to not work.

Problem Solving

In the event that you attempt to import your data and the products aren't updated with the channel sku mappings you can look at the import log to find the reason.  To view this

  • Go to Settings > Import Data

  • Click 'View Logs' on the import template you have created.

  • Click Download

  • Open the file in Excel and look at column AZ in Excel. (The last column).  Any errors which are causing the import to fail will be found here.

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