In order to link your amazon account to Optiseller, you need to authorise Optiseller within your amazon store.


Go to the User Permissions page in Seller Central and login with your primary amazon account, and select User Permissions.

Click "Authorize a developer" button

In the Developer name text box, enter Optiseller. This doesn't need to be the exact name; it is merely for your reference in the future.
In the Developer ID enter 765745476786

Accept the T&Cs

Your Seller ID, Marketplace ID and MWS authorisation token are then displayed.  This information is required in Optiseller.


  1. Log in to Optiseller
  2. Add an Amazon Data source either via the data sources menu, or as part of the plan subscription process.

3. Enter a friendly Store Name, Seller ID, Marketplace ID and Token details

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