The Optiseller Enrichment API provides channel-ready data for your products.

Based on product identifiers, the api will source the optimal data on the products for the channel and data fields that you request.

For example, a Brand / MPN combination can be passed to source Ktypes, or a Brand / MPN can be passed to get the recommended eBay DE Title and Category. 

If you are interested in taking part in our Optiseller Insights API beta program, please contact us.

An example of some of the data is below

        "Brand": "Mintex",
        "MPN": "MBD013",
        "EncrichedValues": {
            "Hole Arrangement / Number": "04/05",
            "UPC": "5028740773201",
            "Type": "Braking",
            "Compatible Engine Codes": "14 NV",
            "Intended Use": "Replacement",
            "Inner diameter": "200",
            "Notes": "without wheel bearing,without wheel hub,without wheel studs",
            "Title": "MINTEX BRAKE DRUM MBD013 Replace 90086194,568053,568058,90193915,568058,90193915",
            "Price": "29.35",
            "Cross Reference": "DRM9126,24022000112,480016,5293459P,329201B,0986477021,986477021,DB100,14471810,BF151,8848,FDR329201,BT130,355301181,8DT355301181,329201J,8282005127,35747,BT1063,253605,825258394,BT0200,62403,BDR130,702000,5127,94007800,812024202,DB4021",
            "EAN": "5028740773201",
            "Manufacturer": "Mintex",
            "PrimaryCategory": "Vehicle Parts & Accessories:Car Parts:Brakes & Brake Parts:Brake Drums",
            "Height": "56.5 mm",
            "Part_Number": "MBD013",
            "Sub Type": "Brake Drum",
            "MPN": "MBD013",
            "OE Replacement Numbers": "90086194,568053,568058,90193915",
            "ArticleName": "Brake Drum",
            "Diameter": "228 mm",
            "Manufacturer Part Number": "MBD013",
            "Brand": "Mintex",
            "Ktypes": "1797,16117,1805,16120,1808,1809,1811,1793,1795,1798,16118,1803,16121,1807,1810,1812,1794,1796,59280,586,585,587,588,18839,18840,600,601,7167,602,615,603,18868,8905,613,614,617,618,7171,619,629,620,8906,627,628,29046,5422,5437,5439,100716,5468,13552,10387,10388,10390,10391,10393,10394,10402,10403,10404,13515,5444,5443,5447,13510,5451,5448,5450,7971,5453,13511,13512,5455",
            "Pack Size": "1 Single Unit"

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