As outlined in the overview, Easy Product allows you to gather e-commerce related data & content from different datasources, based on product identifiers or keywords.

To get started, you need to create a new datasource of type "Product List" from the "My Data Sources" menu:

The product list can be named with something meaningful, but the name is not important, only for your reference.  The description is optional.

Once the product list has been created, you have 2 options to build your product list: 

Add via paste

You can paste up to 1000 EANs or MPNs (one per row).  This can be repeated mutliple times for larger lists.
MPNs can actually be keyword terms if prefrerred, or a brand + mpn - e.g. BOSCH 082354 could be stored as an MPN.
EANs should be numeric.

Add via search
This option allows you to search eBay and select candidate listings to add to your product list:

Clicking "Extract" will get any available product information from the lsiting and add to your list:

Once you have added all the items that you require to your list, you are ready to run easy product.  Easy Product is only available on the Essential or Ultimate Plans.

To do this:

  1. From the Optiseller homepage screen, select easy product.

2. Select the product list you wish to run against

3. Configure the easy product parameters

  • Site - the site to search for the products on

  • Include Sellers - if you want to focus on a particular seller, enter the seller id here.  Note - this can restrict the results significantly.

  • Exclude Sellers - if there are any sellers you do not want to get results from (normally your own stores)

  • Strategy

  •   Most Item Specifics - find items with the most entries for item specifics

  •   Best Match - search based on eBays best match algorithm

  •   Most Hits - find the items with the most hits

  •   Most compatibility parts - find items with most fitment data

  •   Most compatilbilty parts strict - find items with most fitment data but also verify that the part numbers match exactly

  • Fixed Price only

  • Report Type - this determines the format(s) of files that will be produced.

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