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Easy Product Overview
Easy Product Overview
Overview of the Easy Product tool
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Easy Product allows you to gather e-commerce related data & content from different data sources.  Easy Product is driven by input data which typically would be product identifier data, such as MPNs or EANs, but the tool can also work with keywords and search terms, albeit with reduced accuracy.

There are different scenarios which are driven by what we call "strategies" which Easy Product can help with, and we are always open to suggestions and recommendations for new strategies to help make the tool more useful.  

Some of the scenarios are described below

eBay Listing Quality

If the store performance dashboard reports that you have poor item specifics, or having reviewed our Item Specifics report and you have a requirement to populate the missing data, easy product may be able to help.

You should compile a product list based on the product identifiers for the listings in question, and then EasyProduct will check the data sources to see what listings it can find with the most item specifics.

Similarly, for Item Compatibility Data, we have a "strategy" for locating items with the most complete compatibility data.  This can be useful if the parts compatibility tool doesn't manage to match your data, or it is not available in your region.

New Product Content Generation

The effort of generating listing content can be onerous when selling a new product range, with titles, categories, item specifics and descriptions to think about.

Easy Product can gather existing marketplace data for the products, and can pull the data based on the strategy you wish - for example, the items with the most complete item specifics, or the items currently at the top of the search (best match).

This can provide a starting point for the title, category, item specifics and various other aspects of the listing data, vastly reducing the cost of bringing the items to market.

Moving quickly into other eBay sites

Easy product allows you to select the target marketplace to gather the data from.  So, this would allow you to search for the products on or for example, and as well as saving on translations, it also saves on the effort required to get the region-specific item specifics and categories, allowing you to quickly expand your market size.

Data Formats

Easy Product can produce different output formats including a user-friendly excel / csv view, file exchange and magmi (for magento).  If you require a custom format for your listing tool we can look at this on request.

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